Site Settings

Let the fun begin

The flexibility of site settings allows you to design your site according to your branding including fonts, logos, login screens, and welcome messages.

This is the logo displayed once you are logged into Podium BI.

Recommendation: Try starting with an image height of around 150 pixels with a small amount of padding around the entire image. Example of Podium Logo:

You may choose to use a different logo on the login screen versus once logged in.

Good to Know: If this is left empty, the current logo will be used for both the login page.

Current Background

Upload a background image for your login page

Podium BI Tip: If your background image is a solid color, it will not have to be as large of an image. Search the web for free royalty free background images or use a tool like Snagit or Canva to create your own.

Current Favicon

A favicon is used in the tab of the browser and has the same height as width.

Podium BI Tip: Make the favicon the same dimension for the height and width. If you upload a png that is 512px by 512px, Podium BI will shrink the image down to the appropriate size.

Current Loading Graphic

If you upload a loading graphic, it will be displayed while a report is being loaded.

Podium BI Tip: If an loading image is not selected, a default loading image will be used. Start out with an image of 250px width by 50px height and adjust from there.


Choose from a variety of fonts.

Tenant Domain

This is url that your Podium BI will be accessible from.

Podium BI Tip: You are free to change this at any time, but keep in mind users having the old url will not be able to access the site.

Search Visibility: Turn the report search bar on or off

Header Display

Login Screen Welcome Text

By default, if you do not have welcome text entered, it will say “Welcome to “ and then the name of your site which can be found at Settings → Tenant

If you choose a welcome text, it will be displayed on the login screen:


Displayed at the bottom center of your screen once logged in.


Example Format:

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