Add Bookmark

Bookmarking reports is a great way to get back to your favorite version of a report quickly. You can set as many bookmarks as you like per report. You can even export/share a report with bookmarks.

Steps for adding a bookmark:

  1. Launch report you want to add a bookmark to

  2. Go to the page of the report you want to bookmark

  3. Add any filters you want to include in the bookmark

  4. In the top right, hover over the bookmark icons and select new bookmark.

  1. Name the Bookmark and decide if you want this to be your default bookmark.

  1. Save Bookmark

Good to know: On large reports, one way to use bookmarks is to create a bookmark for the ways you typically view the report. If you normally go to certain tabs, apply certain filters, sort the data a certain way. Creating bookmarks can be a real time saver.

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