Can I have a custom domain?

Yes you can, we want you to be able to have a truly white labeled reporting experience.

How do I Add A Custom Domain?

Podium BI Tip: If you currently own a domain, and are on the Premium or Enterprise plans, you can have your own fully custom domain. You will be responsible for making sure your SSL Certificate remains up to date.

For example, if you own the domain then you would be able to purchase a ssl certificate for any of these:



You can have whatever name you want before the domain name you own:


Podium BI Tip: Here my recommendation for a company Podium BI trust and have used frequently in the past. They work great and don't overcharge.

Input CSR

If you are not sure how to generate the CSR, see below...

Go to CSR Generator

To to CSR Generator if you need help generating your CSR, just fill out the information below. The common name will be the fully custom domain that you would like.

CSR Example

Paste in the CSR

You will be provided two pieces of information, your CSR and your Private key. You need to paste your CSR into the CSR Input area. Save your private key in a secure location, you will need this later.

Email Verification Settings

Important: Make sure you select an email address you have access in the Email Verification Setting section otherwise you won't be able verify or receive your SSL Certificate. See below

Verify Certificate

You will receive an email asking you to click the link to verify the certificate. Follow the link and enter the key provided in the email.

Almost There

You will receive an email that contains a zip file with your certificate.

Files To Send

Send the following two things to Podium BI and will finish the remainder of the set-up:

  1. Send email with zip file

  2. Securely send your private key you received to Keep this key in a secure location.

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