Where's the new Azure Group I added?

I can’t see the new Group or User I added?

Podium BI Tip: Podium BI reloads Groups and Users every 5 minutes, if you would like to refresh them immediately simply click on the Reload Groups button found here.

Settings → View Groups

Export more than one page of a report?

Podium BI Tip: If your report has more than one page that you want to export, make sure you are using the Show Navigation feature and that all the pages you want to export are visible.

Why does my domain say Podium BI

How do I Add A Custom Domain?

Podium BI Tip: If you currently own a domain, and are on the Premium or Enterprise plans, you can have your own fully custom domain. You will be responsible for making sure your SSL Certificate remains up to date.

For example, if you own the domain www.mycompany.com then you would be able to purchase a ssl certificate for any of these:

  • app.mycompany.com

  • reports.mycompany.com

You can have whatever name you want before the domain name you own:

  • ****.mycompany.com

Here my recommendation for a company Podium BI trust and have used frequently in the past. They work great and don't overcharge.


Once you purchase the SSL certificate, you will provide the certificate files to Podium BI and we will handle all of the behind the scenes work needed to change your existing semi-custom domain.

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